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Comfortable BOBOVR M1 Pro

BOBOVR M1 Plus Head Strap with Battery,Compatible with Meta Quest 2,Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and 5200mah Hot-swappable Battery Pack Design


  • Upgraded to the battery version, the BOBOVR M1 PLUS WITH BATTERY version inherits the M1 PLUS's features of good packaging, easy wearing, flexibility and durability, and also realizes the function of powering the QUEST2 to improve battery life.
  • Balanced weight distribution, with a B2 battery pack weighing only 140g, effectively improves the balance of gravity between the front and rear, and effectively reduces the pressure on the face caused by wearing the headset.
  • Double pads, double experience, the back head support material frame is made of flexible material, covered with a layer of soft PU leather material, and can be replaced with a honeycomb pad for better grip and stability.
  • Magnetic HOT-SWAP,Still using the magnetic suction battery design launched by BOBOVR, the B2 battery pack can be hot-swapped and charged, and it can be charged at any time without taking off the headset.
  • Enhanced battery life The battery strap comes with 1 B2 battery pack, each B2 battery pack has a capacity of 5200mAh, which can double the battery life of Quest2 (additional battery packs can be purchased to achieve alternate cycles). At the same time, the B2 battery pack is equipped with a USB-C interface, which can additionally supply power to other accessories such as BOBOVR F2.

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